Poster Terminology

We hope the following information will help answer some, or all,
of your questions on the language of movie posters.

1. What Is An Original Movie Poster?
2. What Is A Studio Issue Movie Poster?
3. What Is An NSS-issue Movie Poster?
4. Style A, Style B - What Does This mean?
5. What is a Teaser Poster?
6. What is an Advance Poster?
7. What is a Regular Poster?
8. What Is A Re-Issue or Re-Release Movie Poster?
9. What Is A Re-Strike Movie Poster?
10. What Is A Reprint Or Reproduction Movie Poster?
11. What Is A Bootleg Movie Poster?
12. What Is A Single-Sided Poster & What Is A Double-Sided Poster?
13. What Is A Video Poster?
14. What Is A Wilding Poster?
15. What Is A Mylar Poster?
16. What Is A Lenticular Poster?
17. What Is Linen-backing?

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