Promoting the 007 Channel on Sky TV

By Simon Firth
October, 2012

David Millard is one of a number of Producers at Sky who create the promos for the new channels and programming – he completed the advert for the 007 Channel that debuted on Sky Movies during October, 2012, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of James Bond.

Here, he talks us through the making of Sky's 007 Channel promos.

Can you give us a brief potted background to your career?
What is the decision process to get to the current advert from a management perspective?
Once decided, how was the chase configured was it all designed by you or storyboarded/scripted by A.N.Other?
What were the difficulties?
How long did it take for the whole edit process?
Were there any effects involved in the work then if superimposition was not allowed?
What was your favourite scene/edit?
Was there any sound manipulation along the lines of the Mystika edit?
Were you already a fan, was there a reason you got this job?
Was there any ongoing process of approval, not just with Eon but within Sky?
How was the Voice Over chosen?
What other adverts are coming up?
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