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Many businesses/services are now using the internet to get their message out
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Bondposters.com is used each & every day as an important tool in
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It is the only DEDICATED James Bond poster reference website in the world,
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And Bondposters.com just keeps on getting BIGGER and BETTER.

Website Statistics

Bondposters.com is consistently NUMBER ONE on the following TOP online search engines:
  • Google
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And this is all WITHOUT ANY paid advertising of Bondposters.com.

As of July 1st, 2012, there has been almost 5 MILLION total website page impressions;
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The website achieves up to 8,270 unique visitors per month,
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Sponsorship Packages - What do you get?
Banner Package 1:
  • ONE CLEARLY VISIBLE BANNER with link (if applicable) in the BANNER ROTATOR situated near the top at the right hand side of EACH page across the entire website (you seldom see this offered anywhere).
Banner Package 2:
  • EVERYTHING that is included in Banner Package 1.
  • PLUS YOUR VERY OWN, CLEARLY VISIBLE STATIC BANNER with link (if applicable) situated at the bottom of EACH page across the entire website (you seldom see this offered anywhere).
  • LIMITED to only 10 sponsors.
Text Package:
  • ONE DEDICATED PAGE to your business/service including text link (if applicable) in the Articles & Adventures section - click HERE for example.
  • OR ONE DEDICATED PARAGRAPH to your business/service including text link (if applicable) under the film synopsis of a selected Bond film title (limited to one sponsor per film title) - click HERE for example.
Complete Package:
  • Everything that is included in Banner Package 2.
  • Everything that is included in the Text Package (whichever single option you prefer).
  • PLUS a link to your business/service website (if applicable) in the scrolling text marque on the Bondposters.com Homepage.
  • PLUS inclusion in all Newsletters we send out.
  • LIMITED to only 10 sponsors. 


 OPTIONS   Banner Package 1   Banner Package 2  Text Package  Complete Package 
1 Month £15.00 £30.00 £50.00 £80.00
6 Month


(£10.00 per month)


 (£15.00 per month) 


 (£25.00 per month) 


(£40.00 per month)

12 Month


(£7.50 per month)


(£10.00 per month)


(£15.00 per month)


(£25.00 per month)


For further sponsorship and/or bespoke packages please Contact Us.
All payments are due in full prior to commencement of sponsorship,
unless a structured payment scheme has been agreed beforehand.

Payment Options

All payments are to be paid in UK Pound Sterling via one of the following methods:
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Uncrossed Postal Order
  • Cash

What you Need to Provide
  • Your FULL NAME.
  • INFORMATION about your business/service.
  • Your WEBSITE URL (if applicable).
NB - Your business/service and banner will be reviewed & checked
against Bondposters.com's relevant acceptance criteria and quality standards.

What are the Banner Sizes?

Banner size in the banner rotator: 350x70 pixels


Static banner size situated at the bottom of each page: 164x50 pixels


The following businesses/services are expressly prohibited:
  • Those that violate any UK law, regulation and/or third party right.
  • Those which encourage illegal activity, bullying and/or racism.
  • Those that promote tobacco and tobacco related products.
  • Products and services related to adult content (pornography).
  • Plus any other product and/or service Bondposters.com deems inappropriate to the website's audience.

If you have any questions about sponsorship of Bondposters.com, please Contact Us.
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